FTX2912 Stand-Alone Optical Transmitter Module
  • Stand-alone optical transmitter is housed in solid-state aluminum

RF Design FTX2912 Stand-Alone Optical Transmitter Module

The FTX2912 represents a a stand-alone optical transmitter module designed for easy din-rail mount installation, e。g directly at the antenna location (indoor)。 It is housed into solid-state aluminum and assures stable RF distribution over long distances via optical fiber。The unit features adjustable gain and LNB-supply。The FTX2912 is an efficient stand-alone optical-transmitter solution for straight forward RF- over-Fiber transmission while the unit also is equipped with front-side status LED´s indicating Laser and LNB-supply status。 The FTX2912 is perfectly suited for applications inTeleports, Satellite Earth-Stations, as well as Broadcasting and CATV/IPTV infrastructures。

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