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Give us a call  800-523-5947
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Z-Band Video

The Leader in Enterprise Video Distribution Systems

Z-Band's Z-TV system is a modern RF video distribution system that sends CATV/MATV video over CAT 6 cable. Z-TV was designed to help customers eliminate coax, achieving convergence of all media onto a single cabling infrastructure.

Z-TV systems utilize two core pieces for distribution of television signals; the Z-Distribution hub and Z-Balun. Our Z-TV system stands out for its intelligence, and the ability of the Z-Distribution unit to communicate with other Z-Distribution units and Z-Baluns to deliver consistent picture quality to 1000+ TVs in a self-adjusting system.

Since 1999, Z-Band systems have been deployed in some of the most prominent buildings in the United States. Z-Band’s knowledgeable staff have designed hundreds of distribution systems, using Z-Band’s reliable Z-TV systems to support over 100,000 televisions in the United States.

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