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Give us a call  800-523-5947
Hours:   Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
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High Quality, Low Cost Spectrum Analyzers

AVCOM of Virginia has over 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality, low cost spectrum analyzers.  

Founded in 1976, AVCOM initially targeted the satellite receiver industry with its PSR-3 Satellite Receiver. This product differentiated itself from the competition with its unique “Scan-Tune” functionality which allowed the receiver to be tuned back and forth across all transponders once every 3 seconds. 

福建快3平台 In 1985, AVCOM developed a unique low-cost spectrum analyzer modeled after their high-end competitors, but without the extreme performance and much more affordable. The PSA-35 Spectrum Analyzer was introduced to the market at the 1986 Satellite Show in Las Vegas. Since then, AVCOM has continued to expand their product portfolio with remote, rack-mounted and portable spectrum analyzer solutions.  It’s this resourcefulness that has allowed AVCOM to remain a market leader in providing affordable spectrum analyzer solutions to customers and markets worldwide.

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