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Give us a call  800-523-5947
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Headend Electronics

You will find that Toner Cable is the premier place to buy headend electronics. Whether it is analog equipment or Digital equipment, Toner has a vast range of products in stock for immediate shipment. At Toner you will find that they are a stocking distributor of headend electronics for more than 40 manufacturers including Adtec Digital, AJA Video, Blonder Tongue, Bogen, C9 Networks, CASA. Cisco, Compix, Contemporary Research, D-Link, Drake Digital, Emcore, Ericsson, Evertz, Force Inc, Harris, Hilkom, HP, IdeaOnics, Ktech, Leightronix, Marshal, Middle Atlantic, Monroe, Olson, Opticom, Ortel, PBN, Pico Digital, Quintech, RGB Networks, Ross Video, Sencore, Televes, Thor Digital, Tightrope, Toner Cable, Verimatrix, Visionary, Wellav and Xcrypt. Customers worldwide buy headend electronics at Toner because of the quality customer service and competitive pricing. Toner Cable is the place to turn to buy CMTS.

Customers have also come to rely on Toner for exceptional after sales support and as the digital products get more and more complex, this is even more important today. There are many places to buy headend electronics  and IPTV headend equipment but nowhere is better than Toner for when you need that assistance to get the equipment working. You will find a very educated and experienced sales department that has experience with the equipment and not just a price.

If the sales people can’t help then they have a technical and engineering department that will step in to help solve any issues you may have. In addition to support, customers find that Toner stocks the majority of the headend electronics you purchase from them. This means that when you get something and it is faulty, Toner can send you another as a replacement right away. What does this mean to you? A huge saving on down time, hassle and headache when you are trying to get a system up and running. Sure you might be able to buy headend electronics from some unknown reseller that has no inventory or experience and save a buck or two, but what happens when everything doesn’t work right? That dollar or two can end up costing you hundreds and hundreds of dollars in lost time, freight, customer dissatisfaction and even lost business. Is it worth it, probably not! In the market to buy custom headends? Contact Toner today! 

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